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Snowblowers are machines that are meant to last – mobile snow blower service Denver, CO. Even the cheapest brands can last up to 10 years while more expensive ones can last twice as much.


However, owners need to maintain them well in order to keep the snowblower running smoothly for a long time – mobile snow blower service near me Denver, CO. Below are some tips on how you can take care of and maintain your blower.

  1. Keep your augers off the ground
  • ariens auger blades in snowblowers are a home owners delight. Not only do they clear the snow cleanly, they also keep the side walks safe because they clean – mobile snow blower repair Denver, CO. Augers typically become dull after a month or two of regular use. They should therefore be taken out of the snow blower (making sure that it is turned off before doing anything) and filed to make them sharp again.
  1. Replace or clean your air filter
  • briggs & stratton motorized snowblowers some are usually equipped with air filters. In time, they get clogged and so they should be replaced or cleaned depending on the material they are made of – snow blower service near me Denver, CO. In general, paper filters are meant to be thrown away while those made of foam should simply be cleaned.
  1. Keep the tires well-inflated
  • craftsman well-inflated tires keep snow blowers running evenly, especially in the case of the self propelled varietymobile snow blower repair service near me Denver, CO. The tire pressure should therefore be checked everytime before operating the blower.
  1. Use the right kind of oil
  • cub cadet oil is needed by motorized snow blowers to keep the engine lubricate. The right kind of motor oil should always be bought to avoid destroying the engine.


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