Help! My lawn mower won’t start after winter (Local Tips & Reviews)

As the winter season starts rolling back, it’s time to start taking care of your lawn. However, the big shock comes when you try to start your mower and it refuses to cooperate. This situation is not uncommon, as many homeowners find their lawn mowers struggling to start up after winter’s hibernation. But what could be the reason behind the mower’s reluctance to start?

If you’ve encountered this problem before, you’ll know that there are a few common causes. Here are some of the most likely culprits:

1. Old Fuel: the fuel left in your mower’s carburetor and fuel tank can evaporate over the winter. If left for too long, the remaining fuel can create complex sediment buildup that clogs the internal mechanisms.

2. Dirty Air Filter: If your mower’s air filter has debris and grass clippings from the last season, it’ll have trouble breathing when you start it.

3. Dead Battery: If you haven’t started your mower in several months, the battery might have lost its charge, making it unable to turn the engine.

4. Clogged Carburetor: The spark plug might get coated with oil, affecting the ignition system, which could result in a clogged carburetor.

Now that we know what the most likely causes of your mower’s refusal to start are let’s talk about some solutions that will get you back to work!

1. Replace or Refill Old Fuel: If you think the problem is fuel-related, drain the old fuel or remove it from the tank and replace it with new fuel.

2. Change Air Filter: If your lawn mower has a dirty air filter, it can hamper the engine’s functionality. Changing it will result in better airflow, ensuring your mower can breathe easy.

3. Charge or Replace the Battery: If you notice that the battery is not charged, then try to recharge it, or if it’s quite old, replace it altogether.

4. Clean the Carburetor: Cleaning the carburetor can be a bit tricky as it requires a bit more technical knowledge, but if you’re comfortable dismantling the mower’s engine, clean the carburetor to ensure that the fuel passes through it freely.

In conclusion, a few simple maintenance tips will help your mower run smoothly, even after several months of storage. Your lawn mower is an essential tool for keeping your lawn in great shape, and by following these tips, you’ll be back to mowing in no time! Happy Mowing!

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